We are a conservative Christian church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.  We focus on the Biblical practices of worship, family, relationships, & missions.  It is our goal to work together to build each other up into bold missionaries who are zealous about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When We Meet

Sunday Mornings


What To Expect

The worship service will start at 10:45 and ends at 12:15.  We sing a mix of contemporary and traditional music that is led by our worship team (guitars, piano, drums).  We also practice Scripture reading and group prayer during the service.
There is a nursery available for babies through 4 years old.  (We ask 5+ year olds to worship, pray, and study alongside their parents in the worship service.)  Children keep their own sermon notes and turn those in to Pastor Trey for a sweet reward.

"The Camp isn't just a church I go to; it's my family."

- Danielle Blume

"Come as you are!"

-Jerry Herbaugh

"The best pastors teach here!"

- Stacey Sommerfeld

"You won't want to miss a Sunday."

- Heidi Russell

"You'll eat the homemade cookies,
but you'll be fed by the Word."

- Donny Hamilton