Every Camp member is equipped for evangelism and world missions to reach lost people both near and far with the Gospel message.  It is our hope to build every Camp member into a bold missionary.

Local Missions

At The Camp we realize that proximity implies accountability, and it is our desire to reach our town and our county with the Gospel message.  We do this through local evangelism as individuals, families, and small groups as well as through on-campus evangelistic events, but we mostly rely on Camp members evangelizing their own friends, family, and neighbors.

Global Missions

The Africa Missions Ministry participates in God's command to go into the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) by preaching the Gospel to the lost in remote villages of West Africa. We are committed to reaching a particular people group which was previously unengaged, and unreached with the gospel. Over time our focus has shifted from pure evangelism to more of a focus on discipleship and training of key leaders. Our hope and prayer is that an indigenous church planting movement will emerge, spreading the Gospel through this people group, their country, and sub-saharan Africa.

We evangelize the lost through "storying," which is simply teaching memorized stories from God's Word. These stories are short Bible passages which focus on key events recorded in Scripture. Each story transitions to the Gospel and a challenge to respond. Those who become followers of only Jesus are then discipled on key topics and Bible passages.
As of late 2023 we have seen about sixty villagers repent and follow Jesus. Some have established themselves as leaders among the Christians. Two will soon begin in-depth training through an in-country pastor training program. Our hope is that these young men will become shepherds of churches in their respective village.

There are great challenges and great rewards awaiting those who qualify and participate in this ministry.
Here are a few pics of life in our villages.  
May they help you envision and pray for the work
and be inspired to become a part of the work as a goer or a sender.
We love our sister ministry, AbbaCare, in Winchester.  AbbaCare ministers to men and women who find themselves in crisis providing support, Biblical guidance, and the Gospel message.
As a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, The Camp also invests in the work of the International Mission Board supporting missionaries who are preaching the Gospel and starting churches in all parts of the world.